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The surface modification of titanium wire mainly includes nitriding

Date:2024-03-04 16:43:43       Number of views:

The surface modification of titanium wire mainly includes nitriding, anodizing, atmospheric oxidation, etc.

1. Nitridation: Chemical heat treatment techniques such as plasma nitriding, multi arc ion plating, ion implantation, and laser nitriding are used to form a golden TiN coating on the surface of titanium dentures, thereby improving the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and fatigue resistance of titanium. However, due to the complex process and expensive equipment, surface modification of titanium dentures is difficult to achieve clinical application.

2. Anodizing: The anodizing process for titanium rods is relatively easy. In certain oxidizing media, under the action of external voltage, titanium anodes can form a thicker oxide film, thereby improving their corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and weather resistance. The electrolyte for anodizing is usually an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid and organic acids.

3. Atmospheric oxidation: Titanium rods can form a thick and strong anhydrous oxide film in a high-temperature atmosphere, which can cause comprehensive corrosion of titanium materials and relatively simple interstitial corrosion.

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